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New product from the European University of Functional Medicine!

The «SmartDoC» program is intended to determine the functional status of the human body based on its anamnesis and facial image.

Diagnostics are carried out remotely by specialists from the European University of Functional Medicine.

Program features

  • comprehensive health assessment

  • determination of functional disorders in the body

  • identification of liability to diseases

  • a program for effective recovery and prevention of various disorders and diseases

You get:

  • detailed interpretation of examination results
  • nutritional advice
  • advice on undergoing diagnostics by the wave genome method, if needed
  • a program for healing and restoring health condition and the body, which includes a regimen for taking herbal blends, functional nutrition, the use of creams and phytosprays, a regimen for using ParkeS programs, an EMMLIT scheme

Requirements for the survey:

01Current anamnesis

After purchasing the service, you will receive a questionnaire by e-mail to determine your health condition. The questions are prepared by specialists in such a way as to get the most complete picture and give a comprehensive assessment of the work of organs and systems. The questionnaire includes questions about your health, complaints, previously diagnosed diagnoses, chronic pathologies, lifestyle. You will receive instructions on filling out the questionarie.

When answering questions, try to give as complete information as possible. Even things that may seem irrelevant to you, such as insomnia, itching, lack of appetite, or increased heart rate, can play a critical role in making recommendations.


Your task is to provide specialists with a picture taken no earlier than 2-3 days before sending it to them.

The face is a mirror of the internal organs of a person. Therefore, facial diagnostics takes an important place in the initial examination of the patient. Each area on the face is associated with one or another organ or system.

Why is it important that the picture is taken immediately before the questionnaire is sent to the diagnostician? This is necessary for the most accurate diagnosis and development of recommendations. The data obtained from the image will be compared with the anamnesis, and, based on it, specialists will be able to make a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your body and make recommendations.

Examples of signals that can be seen on the face

The body signals a malfunction of organs and systems, which manifests itself on the face. The specialist, based on your image, will give recommendations to prevent the development or complication of the disease.

  • A very common sign of a possible myocardial infarction is lack of sensitivity, up to numbness of the skin area between the chin and lower lip.
  • A deep wrinkle between the lip and nose indicates a defect in the heart valve.
  • Cyanosis (lividity) of the lips indicates incipient heart failure.
  • A deep and elongated nasolabial fold on both sides is an important sign of increased stress on the heart and circulatory organs.
  • The narrow ridge of the nose signals a neurosis of the heart.
  • A red, bumpy nose with streaks of blood vessels indicates heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • The alae of the nose, which have a blue-red tint, indicate heart disease.
  • A curved temporal artery protruding under the skin, which has sharp contours, as well as periodic reddening of the face, indicate a sharp increase in blood pressure with a possible hypertensive crisis.
  • A hollowness on the left cheek may indicate heart disease.
  • Premature graying of hair at a young age is an indirect sign of impaired coronary circulation.
1.2 — Digestive system and bladder system; 3 — Liver;4.5 — Kidneys; 6 — Cardiovascular system, 7.8 — Kidneys;9.10 — Respiratory system; 11.12 — Oral cavity; 13 — Hormones; 14 — Intoxication

How is the examination carried out?

  • You purchase a product.

    Add the service to the cart, enter the data of the client (clients) who will be surveyed, and pay for the service in a way convenient for you

  • Filling out the questionnaire and add your photo

    You will receive a questionnaire and instructions for filling out to the specified e-mail. Send the completed questionnaire along with a snapshot to the same address. The photo should be clear, of good quality, taken no earlier than 2-3 days before sending it to the diagnostician.

  • Getting results

    Within 5 working days, you will receive diagnostic results and recommendations by email.

    Minimum time and effort on your part = a comprehensive picture of your health status + recommendations for disease prevention and examination.

Our diagnosticians

Recommendations are prepared under the guidance of Igor Pavlusenko, President of the European University of Functional Medicine, expert of the Nobel Information Center, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Galina Sergeevna Chernyak

Doctor of Medicine, Honorary Professor of the European University of Functional Medicine, Head of the Laboratory for Immunological Research, Senior Researcher.

Elena Borisovna Barsukova

Doctor of Psychology, Senior Researcher at the European University of Functional Medicine, Honorary Rehabilitation Therapist, EUMF representative in Kyrgyzstan, a specialist in rehabilitation and research in the field of rehabilitation.


Clients who have passed the examination using the «SmartDoC» program will be provided with a promotional code for a discount for passingdiagnostics by the method of biological resonance.To undergo this type of diagnosis, we will need your biomaterial (hair strand).

Get online diagnostics now to take timely care of your body and prevent possible ailments!


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