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Hair is the primary source of health-related information.

The diagnosis is based on your biomaterial (a strand of hair).

It stores all chemical elements that enter the body. Due to the specialities of the hair structure, the composition does not change even when it is dyed.

Comprehensive assessment of your body condition

The main task of bioresonance diagnostics is to determine the physiological state of the body and to recognize functional and organic disorders.

A patient’s recovery and rehabilitation protocol will directly depend on this.

The best results can be achieved with the ParkeS device through hair diagnostics.

Our body is a holistic system in which all organs interact with one another. Each cell has a specific electromagnetic frequency. If a person gets sick or is under stress, this leads to a disturbed balance of the body and its energetic information structures.

Thanks to diagnostics, it is possible to determine the functional state of the body and the cause-effect relationships of its functional disorders. Based on the results, programs for restoring the body and their order can be selected as carefully as possible.

You can also order the rapid diagnostics from SmartDoC without submitting the biomaterial. You can find out more about this type of diagnosis here.

How is the diagnosis carried out?

Bioresonance diagnostics are carried out according to the method of the European University of Functional Medicine. The functional test is carried out remotely on a biomaterial provided, namely a strand of hair.


Remote diagnostic steps

order and payment for the diagnostics on the marketplace

manager call

complete the questionnaire

submit the biomaterial

diagnostician call for a consultation

sending transcript and recommendations

diagnosis by a specialist

sending hair to a diagnostician

order a ParkeS device on the marketplace

get started with the device

regular use of the device

Hair diagnostics by ParkeS allows you to determine the functional state of the body by more than 250 thousand indicators. This ensures that the wellness protocol is tailored to you.

Diagnostic results are individual. Each patient receives a transcript, in which they see the presence or absence of violations in the work of their body. Such indicators are highlighted in darker color and underlined.

Diagnostics show you what is important to you! When decoding and then selecting a program, the data of your questionnaire are also taken into account, therefore, the preliminary collection of information (diagnoses, complaints, previous treatment protocols) is so important.

Our mission

The marketplace is one of the key elements of the OTON ecosystem, the mission of us is to create an environment that helps to improve the quality of people’s life, giving them the opportunity to grow, make discoveries and progress.

EUMM developments, in particular diagnostics by the method of biological resonance and the ParkeS device, are aimed at improving the physical and psycho-emotional state.

We want to give people the opportunity to feel happy, successful, inspired, healthy.


The ParkeS M device is a milestone in the global process of body restoration and cosmetology. It allows you to stabilize the energy-informational background and thus influence your mood, well-being, and correct the work of organs.

By purchasing a device, OTON ecosystem partners make a contribution to their own future, and also take care of loved ones. ParkeS can be used by up to 5 people. And every day there will be more and more people on the planet whose biofield is transmitting healthy frequencies to the world!


ParkeS device developer

The developer of ParkeS is Igor Ivanovich Pavlusenko, President of the European University of Functional Medicine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Expert of the Information and Analytical Nobel Center.

The result of 20 years of research is the development of the ParkeS device

Our experts

Galina Sergeevna Chernyak — Doctor of Medicine, Honorary Professor of the European University of Functional Medicine, Head of the Laboratory of Immunological Research, Senior Researcher. It is convenient to send biomaterial to Galina Sergeevna from Europe and Ukraine.

Elena Borisovna Barsukova — Doctor of Psychology, Senior Researcher at the European University of Functional Medicine, Honorary Rehabilitation Therapist, EUMF representative in Kyrgyzstan, an expert in rehabilitation and research in the field of rehabilitation. It is convenient to send biomaterial to Elena Borisovna from the Trans-Urals and the Asian republics of the CIS.


Procedure of diagnostics

  • Place an order on the website and pay for diagnostics by credit card or in bitcoins.

  • You will receive a transcript of diagnostics and individual recommendations on the use of programs and their sequence, as well as a regimen for taking phytoseeds, functional nutrition, the use of creams and phytosprays.

    Attention: the recommendations made for you will not suit your relatives and friends, because each organism is individual!

  • Get a consultation with a diagnostician.

  • Go through the rehabilitation process using the device, taking herbal blends and adjusting nutrition.

  • Re-diagnose and get an opinion on the dynamics.

  • Stick to the recommendations received, and live a full life!

The principle of electrodynamic rehabilitation

Electrodynamic rehabilitation is one of the areas of functional medicine.

The latter means a new approach to identifying a person’s predisposition to certain diseases.

Functional medicine is aimed at preventing and preventing disorders in the body.

It allows you to timely identify and eliminate risk factors, which in the future can lead to the development of pathology.

How phytotherapy works

Various Family Health herbal blends may be recommended for you. What for?

Family Health herbal blends are made from 100% organ-specific components. The action of the product is aimed at eliminating specific problems, and not at relieving symptoms.

The products are suitable for children, adults, the elderly, as well as people with an active lifestyle.

The composition of herbal teas includes natural herbs of Ukraine’s Sloboda, Volhynia, Altai and Carpathians, which contribute to the complex improvement of the body.

All products comply with European standards and have state certification.

Vegetable components in herbal blends do not cause side reactions and addiction.

The company has its own laboratory and collaborates with the best scientists.

Thanks to this, the natural components of the products undergo high-tech processing in micron grinding, which contributes to the rapid absorption and complete preservation of biologically active substances.

For adults only. Before use during pregnancy, lactation, taking medication or in the presence of any disease, you should consult your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.


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