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For your comfort, efficiency and product quality guarantee, products are delivered to the OTON Market by the seller.

  1. Delivery cost is included in the total amount of the order and is calculated individually at the time of placing the order.
  2. Delivery methods and order handling time are shown at each product page.
  3. The buyer is responsible for the data provided when ordering is borne by the buyer.
  4. Handling, delivery and shipping are made after the order is being paid
  5. Seller is responsible for:
    • Delivery of all Products purchased by Customers in accordance with the timeframes declared upon order; *
    • delivery costs, as well as for any costs associated with problems of delivery, damage or loss of the Products, late or incorrect delivery.
  6. Customs fees for cross-border purchases are paid according to the current legislation of the country of delivery.
  7. In the event of a dispute, as well as the detection of a defect, damage to the goods, you can always use the right to return. (section link).
  8. Delivery regions are determined by each seller individually, in accordance with the current legislation of the state in which the seller is registered.
  9. You will receive confirmation of dispatch of the order, information about the time of arrival at the destination point, as well as the necessary data to receive (depending on the type of delivery, identification documents, tracking numbers, etc.) in notifications to your e-mail.

* If the seller cannot comply with the Delivery Time Standard for any Product, he will provide the Buyer with an email notification of such a delay, including the information requested in the notification.

Terms of order and delivery

You can learn more about terms of delivery, time frame for placing an order, processing and sending it on the product page. Each seller and OTON market are interested in getting your purchase as fast as it can be, therefore, as a rule, sellers send orders as soon as possible.

After the seller sends the order, the agent - the delivery service takes responsibility for the delivery time. Dates and their possible changes, as well as force majeure circumstances are specified in the conditions of the delivery service.


Market acts as a seller’s agent and accepts payment from buyers for products, thereby ensuring transaction security.

OTON Market accepts various payment methods from Customers. You can pay by bank card (hereinafter referred to as payment information), wire transfer from your personal back-office, in bitcoins. Platform may add new payment methods at its discretion, notifying users of the OTON platform.