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Dear OTON Market users, we do everything possible to ensure convenient and safe shopping.

Return policy

You can return goods to their seller within 14 days, excluding good that cannot be returned.

Please note that detailed return rules are listed on the page of each product.

In case of defects, discrepancy to the order, you can return the goods to the Seller. In this case, the cost of sending the goods to the Seller is paid by the buyer. If a defect has been discovered or the goods did not meet the specifications declared by the Seller, the Seller shall compensate the shipping costs and the cost of the goods to the Buyer or replace the goods.

If return is initiated by Customer, he pays for the goods shipping to the Seller.


Funds, with the exception of the cost of delivery, are returned by the same channel by which payment was made after the goods were checked by the Seller. Please note that a refund may take some time to be processed.

The Seller is responsible for refunds, OTON Market transfers funds only upon The Seller request.

Impossible to return cases

Please note several points to avoid disputes when returning the order.

The Seller cannot accept return if:

  • 14 days have passed since receiving the order;
  • There is no reason for return;
  • Broken assembly;
  • The product was already used.


The supplier warranty the quality, safety and delivery of products on time.

    Products are considered defective in the presence of the following violations (damage):
  • By quality: unpleasant smell (unusual to the product), uneven color, dry / heterogeneous consistency, impurities;
  • By quantity: the mass of products does not correspond to the one indicated on the package (the amount is less than the standard filling of the package);
  • In case of packaging violation: dispenser (pump) malfunction, packaging mismatch with contents; mechanical damage to the packaging (cracks, chips, and other defects) resulting from production or transportation.
  • Failure to achieve the intended results when accepting / using products is not a guarantee case.