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ParkeS M New SET. Brand new device!
The electrodynamic regulation device for correcting the functional state of the body, harmonizing physiological processes, healing and rejuvenating.
Restores the biological system of the body
New Opportunities for Post-Covid Rehabilitation
Used to prepare dipole water
Helps restore plant and animal health
Delivery to Moscow within 7 days.
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Not shipping to: United States
Shipping to: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia,
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I’ve been using the PARKES healing device for over a year. It's just a fantastic result! I can’t even remember last time when I needed to take pills.
Health care at home
ParkeS M New has 1402 therapeutic programs.
Biological loads
Lympha, blood
Respiratory system
Cardiovascular system
Digestive system
Genitourinary system
Nervous system
Musculoskeletal system
Endocrine system
Immune system
Autoimmune reactions
Threshold immune antiparasitic protection of cells of the body and the body as a whole
Program complexes
Amino acids, trace elements, vitamins

Extended set of programs

1402 programs for health improvement! The basic version of ParkeS M New contains 1011 health and beauty programs. When you buy Parkes M New you get an additional package (+ 391 programs) free!

Safe, natural, and fast way to promote health and rejuvenation

How it works
When you are sick, your electromagnetic background is distorted. ParkeS M New, using infrared rays or contact electrodes, transmits flawless, healthy frequencies to the body and thereby tunes the organs for proper functioning.

It improves blood circulation, microcirculation, the release of enzymes, protein synthesis, metabolism, as well as trophic and regenerative processes, restores cell energy.

This promotes rapid anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, antispasmodic, regenerative effects, as well as suppression of the activity of parasites as a result of increased immunity.

Parkes M New - Extended functionality and completely new health benefits!

Improved focus on stimulus and electromagnetic wave interference.
Significantly extended set of programs for the elimination of pain syndromes.
New possibilities for post-covid rehabilitation.
33 cosmetology programs.
Programs for harmonizing organs and systems at the cellular level.
Remote program updates.
Improved design and ergonomic case.
ParkeS M New - Health Without Pills
Suitable for whole family. The device can be used by up to 5 people.
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Developed by scientists led by a professor at the European University of Functional Medicine Igor Ivanovich Pavlusenko

The latest achievements of biophysics and electrobiology were used to create the device.
20 years of development
Scientists from the European University of Functional Medicine have been working on this device for two decades.
Quality confirmed
Passed clinical trials at a number of institutes for safety and efficacy.
Preparation of dipole water
The fluids inside the cells of our body have a dipole structure. Using electromagnetic waves, including infrared rays, Parkes M New imparts dipole properties to normal drinking water. Selected program sets the frequencies of the electromagnetic waves. The use of dipole water simultaneously with Parkes M New gives an enhanced effect.

Dipole water is also suitable for children and pets.

In a set

Parkes device
Warranty period is 12 months. Service life - up to 10 years.
Remote electrodes
Description of programs and instructions


The presence of an implanted pacemaker
A state of acute mental agitation, alcoholic or drug intoxication
Acute disorders of cerebral and coronary circulation
Epileptic seizure
Patients with similar diseases, as well as children from 2 years, are recommended to use structured water prepared using this device.

Side effects

No side effects were found with the correct use of the device.

Reviews confirm efficiency

How I got rid of cystitis
I am writing this to say how happy I am with my Parkes M.
No more pills several times a month. It’s the second month the cystitis isn’t bothering me. Thank you so much.
Frankly, I didn’t expect the positive effect so soon.
Sarina Khan
My face is smoothed out, a surge of energy, I wake up at five in the morning without an alarm clock!
I do lymphatic drainage and facial skin rejuvenation. Very pleased with the effect. My face is smoothed out, a surge of energy, I wake up at 5 in the morning without an alarm, because I had enough sleep all day, like a nuclear power plant. I did only two procedures, there is no side effect. I eat one time a day and it's enough, Iam very happy with this.
Elena Kondratovich
I didn't even expect such an effect!
After 3 days of procedures at home:
- The pain and spasm in the neck and chest were gone, me and Leo were suffering from this - issue for more than six months: massages, ointments, leeches, but the pain persisted.
- The skin on the face is lifted, these changes are already noticeable, it makes me very happy.
- The general tone has increased, a surge of energy, I want to move more. I enjoy it.
- My headaches go away, I understand that it was just a stagnation of toxins, but simply by using gloves we remove the old accumulated unnecessary things, that's all ...
I was surprised that a light massage at home using a device and gloves can make such a stunned effect.
Svetlana Puzyrenko
Cured a fever in one day!
My daughter caught a cold. Severe runny nose, cough, sore throat. Program 155 "ambulance". Repeat several times in a row and in the morning. I did so. The next morning the result was impressive !!! There is a runny nose, but it changed character, does not flow from the nose and she breathes! This is just fantastic !!! Saving money, nerves, time !!! Using the ParkerS device changes the quality of life, that's for sure!


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