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Bu nedir? Proparin capsules, 60 pcs

PROPARIN capsules with the active ingredient Fenulife® get to the hair from the inside, fighting and preventing any type of hair loss.

Fenulife® contains fenugreek seeds.

Thanks to the combination of numerous vitamins and minerals, Fenulife® restores the natural function of the hair follicles and has a positive effect on:


hair follicles,

hair structure.

It is known for a fact that fenugreek seeds have a positive effect, especially in diffuse hair loss not associated with diseases.

A significant part of the world's population is facing the problem of hereditary, diffuse, and temporary hair loss. This nuisance associated with a decrease in hair density affects not only men but also women.

While localized alopecia (hair loss) can slowly show itself in men as early as 20 years of age, gradually affecting up to 60% of all men over time, in women this problem is often the result of illness, stress, hormonal fluctuations, and during menopause.

In addition to inadequate nutrition of the hair follicles and reduced blood flow to the scalp, hair loss is primarily caused by the conversion of the hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The gradual degeneration of the hair roots is increasingly leading to premature hair loss.

The Proparin Hair-Growth System is a comprehensive hair loss care program based on the latest research. It includes three complementary products: capsules, shampoo, and tonic. In cases of hereditary hair loss, it is important to counteract hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles at the same time. New complexes of active ingredients are specially designed for the prevention and restoration of hair in case of diffuse, hereditary hair loss.


Corn (Starch), Fenugreek Seed Extract (Fenulife® Brand), Golden Millet Extract (10:1), Wheat Germ 

Extract (5% silicon), DL- Methionine, DL-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Zinc (as Zinc Citrate), Calcium - D - Pantothenate, Niacin, Biotin, Copper (as Copper Citrate), Cyanocobalamin, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenite, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Hypromellose (Capsule Cover Vegan) 

Allergen: wheat germ extract 

Vitamin E - 12 mg, vitamin B3 - 16 mg, folic acid - 0.4 mg, vitamin B12 - 7.5 μg, biotin - 10 mg, vitamin B5 - 19.56 mg, zinc (zinc citrate) - 10 mg, selenium (anhydrous sodium selenite) - 56 mcg, copper (copper citrate) - 1 mg, fenugreek seed extract (Fenulife®) - 200 mg, golden millet extract (10: 1) - 160 mg, wheat germ extract (5% silicone) - 100 mg, DL-methionine - 80 mg *.

The content of the components is indicated in 2 capsules *.

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