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We develop and manufacture universal cosmetics based on unique naphthenic hydrocarbons, similar in structure to the cellular construction of a biological entity.

To normalize the body at the cellular level, restore damaged tissues and organs, rejuvenate the skin and eliminate age-related changes.

1914year of establishment
100%natural composition
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Cosmetics with history

NAFLAN — is a patented trademark of the German company Pure Derm GmbH, which produces cosmetic products based on the unique technology for the separation of active mitogens from Naftalan oil.

The first mentions of the miraculous naphthalane dates back to the 12th century.

And the industrial production of ointments based on it began in 1890 by the German industrial engineer E.I. Eger.

The idea to use naphthalane oil in cosmetics belongs to a team of scientists from Germany and Azerbaijan, who have studied the theoretical features and practical use of naphthenic hydrocarbons for more than 25 years.

Rasim Orudzhev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, a lawyer with the practice of dispute resolution with health authorities of European countries, one of the founders of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics company Pure Derm GmbH.

Unique products from the bowels of the earth

NAFLAN® products are unique due to the optimal combination of polycyclic naphthenic hydrocarbons — biologically active substances that are indispensable fragments of biological metabolic processes in a living organism.

A feature of one of such active substances — cholesterol — is its participation in the structure of the cell membrane, which consists of phospholipid molecules, triglycerides, fatty acids, and cholesterol. The presence of cholesterol distinguishes eukaryotic cells (animals) from prokaryotic cells (microbial).

Unlike usual peptide hormones, polycyclic naphthenic hydrocarbons can penetrate into the cell as a complex with the receptor and act on the cell nucleus and nucleic acid synthesis.

Alina GluschtschenkoDecember 06, 2018

My hair is healthy and shiny!

NAFLAN shampoo helped me with hair oiliness. My hair is oily and the tips are dry. After I used this shampoo, everything was back to normal. Hair shines and stays clean for a long time. Before I was using shampoo once a week, now I wash my hair twice a week.

Anastasia Krivko10 of January, 2019

By the end of the day, there was no oily shine on the face, and the skin stay moisturized

I bought Naflan cream and first used it just as a daily hand cream. After applying my hands stay moisturized. But then I got problems with my face again, because I have combination skin and all the other creams had dried it. When I tried this cream, by the end of the day there was no oily shine on it, the skin remained moisturized. Since then I use it as a base for makeup.

Victoria RosanovaApril 02, 2018

Just what I was looking for!

Once I had problems with hair, and I was recommended to use Naflan shampoo. As a result, my hair is no longer falling out, the tips revived, and roots stay clean. Just what I was looking for! Then I looked for other products and purchased a cream. Applied just 2 times to old acne marks, and it all did go away!


Why NAFLAN products are special?

  • Skin regeneration and restoration
  • Advanced deep cleaning technology
  • Includes mitogen naflan, derived from an extract of naphthalane oil.
  • Meets the safety requirements of up-to-date EU standards
  • Has a beneficial effect on the body
  • Natural composition

Power of the earth’s bowels for your skin

Unique natural naphthenic hydrocarbons from the bowels of the earth have such amazing properties that, if all the necessary conditions for their work are met, they can serve to protect and improve our body.

Naphthalane oil: composition and features

What is Naphthalane oil?

This is a thick dark brown or brown liquid with a distinctive odor, which contains no synthetic substances harmful to the body. It is considered a natural hormone.

It has a complex chemical composition:

cyclic saturated (naphthenic) hydrocarbons
benzene derivatives

The difference between naphthalane and industrial oil is that there are almost no light fractions, contents of which reaches 50% in other types of oil.

Products rated «Excellent»

According to research by the German Dermatest Institute, the results of clinical supervision showed that the products of the company «NAFLAN» have no side effects, thus it received a rating of «Excellent».