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Health recovery products

We produce devices for the comprehensive improvement of the body and diagnostics. We produce herb mixes, herbal sprays, herbal creams, toothpastes and functional nutrition.

for children, adults, athletes and seniors.

30 years
of researches
natural composition

Family Health & ParkeS products are based on scientific research

The company has its own laboratory for the development and research of innovative technologies.

We carry joint scientific research with medical universities, academies, research institutes in Ukraine and abroad.
Developments of the European University of Functional Medicine
Igor Ivanovich Pavlusenko
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
Founder of the company and its ideological inspirer. 25 years experience in bioresonance medicine.

Our products contribute to the comprehensive recovery of the body

Cured Opisthorchiasis in 1.5 months without chemotherapy
I always loved sushi and various seafood until I picked up the opisthorchiasis. I did not want to go through chemotherapy, and began to look for other options. I was advised with Parkes device and I purchased it. Every day I had antiparasitic programs and drank charged water on the recommendation of a doctor. After 1.5 months made a reanalysis, as I no longer felt symptoms, the results showed complete recovery. After that, I always use Parkes and advise others.
The result was overwhelming
Our doctor prescribed herb mixes from parasites. I saw how my son was changing: he got back to normal state, the fatigue was gone, got desire to play sports. A blood test showed hemoglobin is normal, there is no more anemia.
Skin problems were gone
I had skin problems, I was constantly suffering from the wind in the offseason, pimples constantly appeared on my hands. My friend advised me the Regenerating cream, I was skeptical at first, but decided to try it. As a result, I was surprised by the effect, my pimples not only disappeared, but they also stopped appearing even when I did not use the cream.
Cured a cold withing an evening
Recently purchased a new Parkes Medicus and am very pleased with the purchase. The device is small, fits well into your pocket, which is very convenient. I figured out the programs pretty quickly and immediately started using it. A week ago, I felt a cold, turned on the Ambulance program for the night, and the next morning I felt fine, as if this cold did not exist. So I recommend it to everyone!

100% safe products

All-natural products - we use only herbs without the addition of excipients

Plant extracts
Leaves and seeds of plants and flowers
Nucleic acids
Amino acids
Products comply with Eurasian standards
All ParkeS products have passed state certification, substantiated by scientific articles, protocols of preclinical and clinical studies.
We train doctors, valeologists, rehabilitologists, psychologists
We provide training on the basis of the European University of Functional Medicine.

Comprehensive approach for recovery

ParkeS products are used for complex treatment.
New generation healing device ParkeS M
923 programs + electrodes + 1 diagnostics
A device for restoring health and rejuvenation. In the process of creation the latest achievements of medicine, biophysics and electrobiology were used. Efficiency proven by clinical trials.
Find out more about ParkeS M
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799 €

Family Health Phytomixes

To restore the health of internal organs and body systems.
Phytomix No. 2 Central Nervous System
Phytomix improves cerebral circulation
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Phytomix No. 3 Normalization of the Cardiovascular System
Improves microcirculation and myocardial nutrition
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Phytomix No. 1 Normalization of the Digestive System
Normalizes enzymatic processes
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Nutrition and Sprays

To relieve inflammation of the nasopharynx, as well as to support athletes and people living an active lifestyle.
Spray Phytonazine
To restore the nasal mucosa
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Spray Fitorinol
Reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa
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Spray Phytoimune
Effective for viral lesions of the upper respiratory tract
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For restoration of skin, joints, regeneration and cosmetology.
Monarda Cream
Skin restoration
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Arnica Cream
To eliminate bruising (hematomas), edema
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Cream Chestnut
Helps to improve blood circulation
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