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We develop and produce biocomposites to increase immunity, restore human health and beauty.

for children, adults, athletes and seniors.

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BIOCOMRussian company that collaborates with the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
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Biocomposite - means a biological composition of useful substances

We change life for better

We produce products that have no analogues in Russia. They help restore immunity and health, increase efficiency, improve memory and mood.

Victoria Brezhneva
10 of January , 2019
Our relationships and sex got back to times when we just met..
About the product for Him from Biocom. I will tell you one thing: YES, there is an effect. I couldn’t understand what changes can we get when everything was good in terms of sex. My husband and I take products for him and for her. I don’t know how to describe it, but our relationships and sex got back to times when we just met. I want to care more , make compliments. We spend more time together and more often I hug my loved one. We have our honey moon phase for a second time.
Elena Raduga
6 of December, 2018
Benign tumor gone
I was taking 2 capsules at night of Curcumin and 2 capsules of Silicon for 3 months. Plus I was taking 2 capsules of Impulse and 1 capsule of Immuno for the next two months. Result - benign tumor gone
Evgenia Izraztsova
2 of April, 2018
Chronic fatigue and joint pain is gone
I am very pleased with products! I drink silicon and Alginate (about 4 months already), since I have osteopenia for a long time. Chronic fatigue gone, it is unexpected for me. In the joints of the first, second fingers of the right hand pain is gone, it was uncomfortable to do anything because of the pain.

Convenient to take with you

All-natural products - we use only herbs without the addition of excipients

It is convenient to take with you or give a try to loved ones.

New licensed technology for processing plant materials

An extractant is added, after separation, the precipitate is drained. This is an ancient and not very effective method.
Usually, an extraction method is used to create herbal preparations. As a result, only one is extracted from the five components of the plant.
Using the technology of solid-phase mechanochemical synthesis, we extract all useful substances and make them water-soluble.
Thanks to this method
bioavailability increases - this is how efficiently the biologically active substances are absorbed by the body.
Basic method
Only 25% of nutrients are absorbed by the body.
Our method
All beneficial substances are absorbed. The effectiveness of BIOCOM products is 90-100%.

How to check bioavailability

To check the biocomposite for authenticity and high bioavailability, rub the product powder into the skin - the original BIOCOM is absorbed without residue.
Find out everything about biohacking and bocomposites from BIOCOM

100% safe products

Only natural ingredients in composition

Plant extracts
Nucleic acids
Products comply with Eurasian standards
All BIOCOM products have passed state certification.
Watch the video about production
Production under control
The production of biocomposites is controlled by scientists from the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of the SB RAS, as well as employees of the Rospotrebnadzor of Russia.
ISO certification
The quality and safety management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 2200 and GMP.

Our products

Biocomposite "Aspen" - a natural product that has an effective
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Extra Curcumin
It helps to stabilize body weight and takes an active part in th
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Calcium & Si
Water-soluble chelate of silicon and calcium.
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Increases the "power " of the immune system and helps protect th
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Green Energy
A real natural power engineer.
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Impulse contains natural serotonin - one of the most famous horm
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Sweet Mystery for him
Biocomposite "Sweet Mystery for him" - restores men's health
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Sweet Mystery for her
A powerful natural stimulant of female sexuality and attractiven
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