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Do you want

build an internet business?

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Do you want

to join a community of ambitious people, study, travel and create a passive income?

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from OTON conference

«Bonus card» can help
you achieve these goals!

With «Card» you get

One-year access to the affiliate program

By purchasing a «Bonus card», you get access to the OTON.Market affiliate program for 12 months.

Instant bonus accruals

90% of the card cost is instantly added to your bonus account. With bonuses, you can pay up to 100% from a product price.


Purchase useful goods at OTON.Market and recommend those that you like. Your loved ones will thank you, and we will add a reward.

Career development

It doesn’t matter how old are you and how experienced you are. With OTON.Market you can start from scratch and achieve great career success in just 6-15 months.

How to get an income

for recommendations

Recommend goods from OTON.Market and get rewards for every purchase of your friends.

for friend’s sales

If your friend would like to become a partner of OTON.Market, you will get rewards for their sales.

Your affiliate network

You can build a business in the internet without expenses on renting an office, warehouse or purchasing stock. You can work from anywhere.

Facts only

of Russians make purchases in the internet

annual growth in online-sales

of all sales will come from marketplaces by 2024


total volume of online sales worldwide


orders are made yearly at OTON.Market

Internet commerce is a global market where you can make a profit.

By spending just a few hours a day for recommendations, our partners make €300 and more. Those who recommend professionally have no income cap.

ceo oton.market

Anatoly Ille


One recommendation
— regular bonuses

Recommend a product once, and launch a sales chain: you told your friend, they told their mom, she told her friend, she decided to become a partner of OTON.Market — you get rewards for each action in the chain.

is fair

Recommendations are profitable for us and you. We don’t spend on advertising — your friends purchase the products they need at the lowest prices.

They also have lower risks as you only recommend only the products you liked.

OTON.Market is a marketplace of unique products

OTON.Market has products for better life that you won’t find in any usual store.

Inventions of scientists

for home

Natural products



Solves everything

923 treatment programs for all occasions


Detox green

rating14 reviews

Helps to fight
cancer cells.

25 €

Detox green


rating14 reviews

Reduces acidification
of the body.

9.9 €


1 000+

The number of products and categories is growing. This year only we will add
1 000+ products from various areas of life.

Advantages of various «Cards»


Bonus card

For those who just met affiliate programs and want to get a small additional income.


bonuses for purchases


level of affiliate program


Bonus card

For those who want additional income for their and their friends’ recommendations


bonuses for purchases


levels of affiliate program


Bonus card

The first step in building a business.

Chance of career development.


bonuses for purchases


levels of affiliate program


Bonus card

The Card for those, who want to build a business in online sales.

Get income from the total marketplace turnover.


bonuses for purchases


levels of affiliate program


You can use bonuses to pay for up to 100% of product cost


One bonus equals one euro

Purchase any card and become a member of the OTON community.

Community of entrepreneurs

For our partners, we do master classes, conferences, meetings, forums, and educational events.
You can be sure that someone is always there for you, so you will achieve success faster, easier
and have fun along the way.

Online office

You can see income data in your personal account.

How to get income from the affiliate program?

It’s okay for anyone to share with family
about products and services that we like, as well as be thankful for that.

To profit from the affiliate program, test products from the catalog of OTON.Market and recommend those that you like the most.
As soon as your friend buys a product using your link, you will get a reward. The amount of the reward depends on your level in the affiliate program.

Besides you don’t have to be constantly recommending. Do it once and you launch a chain reaction of sales.

How many bonuses I get for buying the «Bonus card»?

There are cards from €100 to €800. After you purchase any card you instantly get 90% of its price to your bonus account in OTON.Market. You can spend bonuses on any product from the catalog.

How to spend bonuses?

The bonuses are automatically added to your OTON.Market account. To use them, add products to the shopping cart, and during the checkout choose option «Pay with bonuses». You can pay for up to 100% of the product price with bonuses.

How many bonuses do I have?

You can see the bonus balance in your personal account of OTON.Marketplace.

Do bonuses expire?

Bonuses are active for 30 days since the purchase of a card.

How to get a «Bonus card»?

The card is digital, which means you will get it to your email right after the payment.

Where can I learn more about the affiliate program?


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