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What is OTON.Market bonus card

OTON.Market bonus card - buy products on the marketplace and join our affiliate program!

What are the benefits of buying a bonus card *?

  • Immediate adding bonus points of up to 90% of the nominal value of the card, which you can immediately spend on useful products on the marketplace.
  • Annual access to the affiliate program of the marketplace! All your recommendations will be rewarded: Tell your friends about the products offered on the marketplace and benefit from their purchases.

OTON.Market is a marketplace with exclusive products designed to improve everyone’s quality of life. We have started an affiliate program with which our customers can not only buy high-quality products but also make a profit by recommending products to their friends.

Everyone tells their friends and family about the products and services that they liked. Our customers are very important to us, so we want to reward them for their loyalty.

How do the marketplace bonus points work?

In your back office at OTON.Market you can see the number of your bonus points at any time. All of these bonus points can be used to pay for products and services in the marketplace. 1 bonus point equals 1 euro. The bonus points are valid for 30 days from the purchase of the bonus card.

You have a whole month to buy valuable products for yourself and your loved ones!

You can use bonus points to pay 100% of the value of the goods.

To use the bonus points, simply add products to your shopping cart and enter the number of bonus points you want to spend when ordering.

How does the marketplace partner program work?

  • Our affiliate program has 8 levels!
  • Income is unlimited.
  • Possibility of receiving shares in the total sales in the marketplace.
  • Career advancement: the more purchases made via your referrals, the higher your status, and income.

We have designed our affiliate program so that your every effort is appropriately rewarded.

There are 4 types of bonus cards with different nominal values on the marketplace, which provide different levels of affiliate programs so that everyone can choose the right conditions for themselves.

Bonus card "100" is suitable for those who are just starting in affiliate programs and would like to try them out first.

  • 1 level of the affiliate program
  • 90 bonus points for purchases.

Bonus card "200" - an opportunity to earn more by setting up a referral network.

  • 2 levels of the affiliate program
  • 180 bonus points for purchases

Bonus card "400" - a first step in building a business.

  • 4 levels of the affiliate program
  • 360 bonus points for purchases
  • Career opportunities

Bonus card "800" - the conscious choice of someone who is ready to set up a business in international online sales. A complete set of tools to help you develop in a new direction for success.

  • 8 levels of the affiliate program
  • 720 bonus points for purchases
  • the best career opportunities
  • passive income from total sales of the marketplace as a perspective

The bonus card is the most convenient way to try something new and interesting, to treat yourself to the high-quality products, and to be rewarded for what everyone does every day for free - to share their experiences.

Tell about the products that you liked the most - by doing this you will help others improve their quality of life. And we will thank you for that. Because the most important thing is that everyone can boost their health, feel financially independent, and find an interesting way to grow.


* A "Bonus card" is a virtual card that a customer receives by email immediately after payment.

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