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What is Home Quelle

No more lugging boxes - simply clean water from the Simple Home water jug! No more waiting in the beverage store! Save a lot of money by eliminating the need to buy bottled water & doing something good for the environment at the same time by simply using your own drinking containers.

Longer shelf life of coffee machines or kettles because they do not calcify. Noticeably soft water., Clear improvement in the taste of coffee and tea., You will even notice the difference when cooking soups, pasta, etc.

One of the most effective devices on the market - innovative membrane filtration, simple and practical filter change, high quality materials and modern design, easy table-top installation, works without electricity.

 Built-in filters: change interval

 Tritan water tank 2.5L BPA free

 All-IN-One filter

 Easy filter change

 Filterwechsel alle 2 Jahre

 Flexible design 180 °

 Fast filtration without electricity

 Applicable water: tap water

 Applicable temperature: 4-38 ° C

 Connection hose: approx. 2x2m

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