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100,000 distributors are ready to sell your products and services worldwide.

Ready to go customer base in 150 countries

You do not need to spend money on marketing

Pay for the result

You pay the commission only if the customer bought your product

Start of sales in 2 days

To get started, just upload the products to OTON.Market

OTON.Market is your turnkey sales team

  1. 1.

    We have combined an audience from 150 countries on one site

    Send products or provide services after payment. We take care of payment procedures and settlements with distributors.

  2. 2.

    Distributors promote your company

    Our sellers recommend your product to people, share it in social networks and blogs, and make your company recognizable. Distributors are interested in selling as much as possible, as they work for a percentage.

  3. 3.

    Buyers recommend to friends.

    If the buyer likes the product, he recommends it to friends. We stimulate recommendations with bonuses.

  4. 4.

    With us you can accurately predict profits and not reduce margins

With classic promotion, you lose customers and advertising budget at every stage.

With us you pay a pre-agreed percentage for the client. No sales — no promotion costs.

1 000Ad impressions100Transitions to the site10Calls, requests 3Clients

You can sell any products of services

The platform has a diverse audience.

Accept money from buyers from all over the world

Settlements between participants are made in OTON tokens. This allows you to sell products and services around the world and withdraw money in euros.

Honest, open collaboration on the result

The main feature of the platform is decentralized management. This means that the system works automatically and can only be changed after a collective vote.

100% accurate sales statistics

Thanks to the blockchain, no one can wind up sales statistics. You pay only for the products sold.

Automatic sales accounting and revenue sharing

The system will calculate and charge a commission to distributors. You, as a manufacturer, do not need to spend time concluding contracts with each partner and hire an accountant.

You risk nothing

You send the product after payment. Money for the goods comes to your current account after the end of the warranty period (14 days).

While others develop sites and set up ads, you will make annual revenue

  • Sell immediately as soon as the products have been uploaded to the marketplace

    No need to spend time and money on building a distribution network. There is no need to rent an office, develop a website and build a customer base.

  • Minimum training costs

    On the OTON platform, you can create a training course for distributors at no cost and help them sell more.

  • Simple money withdrawal

    Withdrawal in euros to a current account or card 2 days after the application.

Where to begin

  1. Leave a request and upload documents
  2. After checking the documents, we will sign the contract
  3. Put products on the marketplace and download promotional materials
  4. Ship products from warehouse after payment or provide service online

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