Start a business selling useful goods and earn from 150 to 5,000 € per month

  1. Entrance business cost starts from 68 euro. You can work from anywhere in the world
  2. We will teach, provide products, you will only have to recommend products and receive a percentage of sales

OTON.Market is the marketplace of the future. With innovative and healthy products.

  • We have developed a platform that brings together manufacturers, sellers and buyers into a single decentralized network based on the blockchain.

  • Thanks to decentralization, you cannot be removed from the platform or incorrectly calculated income. The system works autonomously and charges a commission automatically.

  • 1000 +products

    In the coming year, 1,000 products will appear on the marketplace. They will cover various spheres of human life: from everyday life to entertainment.

    Therefore, you will be able to promote a product or service that you like and that you use yourself.

Examples of products on the marketplace

Biocom is a Novosibirsk company that develops products to enhance immunity, reduce weight, and improve reproductive health…

  • The development of Novosibirsk scientists
  • Unique technology

«Parkes M» is a device of frequency resonance biotherapy.

Developer — Doctor of Medical Sciences Pavlusenko Igor Ivanovich.

«Parkes M» has 923 wellness programs for lymph, digestive tract, genitourinary and cardiovascular systems.

Debit card with personal and corporate IBAN accounts

  1. Transfers abroad on the basis of the home region. Single low commission for transfers to 34 countries
  2. Automatic tax refund on travel purchases
  3. Exchange rates close to the stock exchange

To earn, you only need to recommend a product

Sales are based on recommendations.

You do not need to impose or go home. Your task is to recommend and give a try.

Further, the uniqueness and quality of the goods will speed up recommendations.

The largest companies in the world — Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Tesla, PayPal and others — work according to the recommendation system.

  1. You don’t need a website
  2. No need to rent an office — work from your phone or computer
  3. No need to invest in the purchase of products
  4. Nobody will deceive you, since decentralization excludes the human factor — the system automatically calculates rewards

How does it work

The manufacturer exposes the goods on the marketplace.

Making payments, delivery and work with customers — the marketplace takes care of it.

You just need to recommend

  • 30%

    Recommend products to friends. If they buy through your link, you will receive up to 30% of the sale.

  • + 30%

    If they share the link with friends, you will again receive a percentage of their purchases.

  • If friends become members of the OTON.Market community, you will be charged a commission on their sales.

  • × 2

    Thus, you get double benefits: for personal sales of goods and for sales of partners who have registered using your link.

OTON is a business for those who want freedom, passive income, recognition and a bright life


  • 01.

    Start earning money on your blog by recommending products to followers

  • 02.

    We check the quality of the products before adding to the platform

  • 03.

    Natural sales without imposing. Choose a product for the theme of the blog and talk about personal experiences using

Network business professionals

  • 01.

    You will build a network that will generate income for life. Thanks to decentralization, you cannot be excluded from the network or incorrectly calculated income. The system works autonomously and charges a commission automatically

  • 02.

    The product line is constantly expanding.

  • 03.

    Quality products in high demand

  • 04.

    We do not «burn» the audience with aggressive marketing

  • 05.

    Commission on sales up to 30%

Women on maternity leave, seniors

All people who want to have passive income.

  • 01.

    Training at workshops, conferences, forums

  • 02.

    Help from the community and mentors

  • 03.

    Providing marketing materials and sales scripts

  • 04.

    Clear business selling demanded goods

  • 05.

    Instant accruals and withdrawal within 72 hours

You will escape from routine and become part of the community of entrepreneurs

For partners, we conduct workshops, conferences, meetings, forums and training events. You can be sure that you are always with someone, which means you will succeed faster, easier and more interesting.

200 +courses at your disposal

You can do what you love and work as you like

  • If you like sports and a healthy lifestyle, go in for sports and health products.

  • If you like games — become successful in the gaming industry.

  • Fintech products? Here you will find unique offers in the market.

If there is no product that you are interested in yet, let us know and we will add

You will be able to influence the functionality and development strategy of OTON.Market, which means working in a convenient way.

You can inherit the business

The system is based on the blockchain. This means that you do not have a boss. The commission is calculated and charged automatically, and your personal account lives forever. You will be able to pass the business by inheritance to children, and your children will pass it on to your grandchildren.

Clear, traditional business

Unlike various network companies, OTON works by selling unique and sought-after products, and not by the influx of money from new members.

Let’s calculate your income

Scenario number 1

You do not build a business, but only recommend products.

Suppose you have 5 friends who are ready to buy a product.

Of these five, two have recommended your product to four others.

Clients Product cost Percent from sales Income
5 40 € 30% 60 €
4 40 € 30% 48 €

One wanted to become an OTON partner, registered at your referral link and sold 5 more products.

Partner Partner’s sales Product
from sales
1 5 40 € 30% 60 €
168 €

Your total revenue with 5 recommendations

Contact with five people and talk about the product in one day

Even a child will understand the system

That’s how back office looks like

Scenario number 2

You are building a profitable international chain selling products. Here are the calculations for this scenario.

VIP package costs 768 €
Level Multiplier % Partners Clients Turnover points Income
Products Packages Products Packages
1 5 10 5 60 € 1 000 3 840 48−72 € 768−1 152 €
2 5 3 25 60 € 1 200 18 200 36 € 546 €
3 4 4 100 60 € 4 200 76 800 168 € 3 072 €
4 3 5 300 60 € 19 200 230 400 960 € 11 520 €
5 2 6 600 60 € 50 400 460 800 3 024 € 27 648 €
Total: 4 236 €/m 43 554 €

Turnkey business value —
only 68 €

For these money you will get

  1. Access to the platform and the ability to earn money on OTON.Market products
  2. OTON Community Education and Support
  3. Sales scripts, catalogs and other marketing materials

Specify the cost and benefits of extended tariffs with OTON partners

Where to begin

  1. Register on the site and pay the plan
  2. Get an individual referral link
  3. Explore products, services, and recommend what impresses you

Register on the website


  • Personal online consultation service from experts
  • Health Products
  • Frequency resonance biotherapy device
  • Online payment provider
  • Finance software developer from Slovakia
  • Gambling Ecosystem
  • Virtual reality for concerts
  • Products for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses