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Bu nədir Relax Pillow

Orthopedic pillow made of viscoelastic foam for your healthy sleep. A distinctive waveform with 2 different heights allows you to choose individual comfort: a higher / lower zone for greater / smaller support. A separately erasing case contains a 2% silver thread and an innovative filler - Tencel. The Tencel is a modern fully natural fabric made from eucalyptus cellulose fiber. This is an environmentally friendly and fully safe material that prevents the spread of dust mites, bacteria, sweat smell, mold. The extra SilverStar coating prevents the reproduction of bacteria in the tissues. Perhaps these are the most universal fibers that have anti-allergic and antistatic properties, which is particularly important for people with weakened immunity. 

Purchase of Tencel Pillows with Silver Fiber SilverStar is a great choice for those who have asthma or allergies. 

Composition: 61% PES, 30% Tencel, 7% cotton, 2% silver thread

Wash at 60C. 

Made in Germany.

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July 24, 2021, 03:24 PM
Очень удобная подушка. Знаем производителя уже давно и пользуемся ей уже более 3х лет. Ни на что не хочу променять. Удобно, что съёмный чехол, и можно стирать. А это уменьшает вероятность распространения бактерий, вирусов и т.д.
5 / 5
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