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Bu nədir Probiotic Anti Allergy Spray Opportunity Package

It is a versatile protective product enriched with probiotics for the hygiene and health of your living spaces. The probiotics in its content protect your respiratory system against microbes caused by airborne, environmental and seasonal reasons. It creates the balance of microflora by consuming harmful allergens such as house dust mites (mite) that cause itching and allergies and reducing their number. 

Spray for 3 seconds in a semicircle at head level. It is used three times a day for the first week. It is used once every three days from the second week. 


* It neutralizes harmful bacteria that cause the formation of many diseases and provides a healthy, hygienic and spacious environment. It is a product that can be used safely by those with allergies, shortness of breath, asthma, and reduces the risk of infection. 

*After the first use, it continues its cleaning task for 72 hours without your intervention. 

*Can be applied to sheets, pillows, lining, upholstery, carpets and furniture. 

* You can use it safely in your pets and shelters. 

*Suitable for all indoor environments.


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