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Bu nədir MC Biomicrocurrent Therapy Machine

Our skin experiences great stress every day. Its condition is affected by environmental factors, unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol, etc. That’s why it’s very important to pay special attention and take proper care of it. To explore all the wonderful possibilities of this cosmetology device and learn how to use it correctly, please carefully read the information below. 

Mewus® Biomicrocurrent Therapy Machine

Mewus® microcurrent therapy technology is an innovation in modern skincare. Microcurrent therapy has become popular as an anti-aging treatment to improve the surface of the skin, smooth mimic wrinkles, and overall visual effects of aging. The device affects skin cells with impulses of weak electrical discharges (positive and negative ions), creating a rejuvenating effect. Thanks to this multifunctional beauty machine, you can get skincare, comparable to a professional one.

Biomicrocurrent theory

Microcurrents stimulate the regeneration and renewal of cellular tissue, as well as replenish cellular reserves. Interaction of charges restores normal metabolism and the cells’ natural balance. The skin becomes firm and radiant again. Regular use noticeably smoothes wrinkles.

A secret weapon against skin aging:

Strengthens and smoothes the skin.

Reduces fine wrinkles.

Tightens pores.

Stimulates collagen and elastin production, blood circulation and improves the effectiveness of skincare products.

As a result of hydration and revitalization, the skin becomes smoother and more tender.

Positively charged ions cleanse the skin as they create an acidic fluid that hydrates the skin, kills bacteria, and soothes the nerves by softening sebum buildup in pores and making it easier to remove.

Nerves are soothed, pores tightened, and the skin is easier to cleanse of contaminations and comedones.

The higher the concentration of negatively charged ions in the blood, the more effective the cellular metabolism, which is necessary to restore the health and beauty of the skin.

  • Stimulates the vibration of skin cells.
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Smoothes wrinkles and reduces pigmentation.
  • Improves the ability of skin cells to absorb various skincare products.

Directions for use

Charge the device (for about 3 hours). You can charge the battery by connecting it with a USB cable to a PC or using an adapter to any compatible power outlet. The indicator glows red while the battery is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator glows green.

Before using the device, cleanse the skin of cosmetics and grease.

Apply mewus® Hyaluron Serum to your face. It is best to apply mewus® Phyto Cellulaire 24h cream after the procedure.

If dirt or grease gets on the device, wipe it off with a soft, wet cloth.

Suitable for all skin types, except for hypersensitive skin!

To achieve the best result we recommend using the device with following products:

Hyaluron Serum

Phyto Cellulaire 24h cream

Mewus® Cellulaire Aktiv

The beauty of the skin directly depends on the internal state of the body!

To keep your skin looking beautiful and in great condition, reconsider your diet, drink enough water and take Mewus® Cellulaire Aktiv twice a day. It contains high doses of collagen, OPC, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and vitamin C.

Safety instructions

Do not use the machine on the same area of skin for a long time.

Remove all metal jewelry before using the device.

Do not use the device on wounds or eczema.

Do not use the machine if you have a skin allergy.

The device works only if you correctly hold both sides of the conductive part of the device in your hand.

Be sure to use the device in combination with serums / creams.


Remove the attachment and clean it after each use.

Store the device in the provided case.

The device is not waterproof, DO NOT wash it or immerse it in water.

Use only a suitable charger.


To turn on the device, press the P button for 3 seconds.

Press F to enter.

When selecting a mode, select positive / negative ion by pressing the S button.

When adjusting the current frequency, press the S button and select low / medium / high frequency.

Press the F button to select the duration of the procedure (1-9 minutes).

During the procedure, a beep sounds every 25 seconds, and at the end of the procedure, you will hear a double beep. The device turns off automatically. Wipe the attachment of the device with a wet soft cloth after each use.


Facial attachment: flat attachment for optimal skin contact.

Selective attachment: for optimal impact on all hard-to-reach areas of the face.

Body attachment: rounded attachment to increase the area of effect and improve the massage function of the device.

For best results, use the attachments as follows:

For face:

3-5 minutes twice a day.

Use a low frequency current for the eyes and neck area (thin skin).

Use a medium frequency current for the rest of the face.

For body:

5-9 minutes twice a day.

Use a high frequency current for such bodyparts as 

egs, arms and abdomen.

Feelings of light tingling on the skin are normal

Facial use

For optimal penetration of nutrients into the skin, please follow the following guidelines:

From the lower jaw to the earlobe

From the chin to the front of the ears

From the corners of the mouth to the temples

From the bottom of the nose to the top of the eyebrow

From nose to side hairline

From the middle of the forehead up to right and left

Along the bridge of the nose from top to bottom

Treat problem areas in a circular motion!

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