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Drinking water comes in contact with a wide variety of materials on its long journey from the depths of the earth or even from surface water to your faucet. They almost always leave traces. As a result, our tap water sometimes contains substances that are detrimental to our health.

Mobile system

▪️ drinking water reverse osmosis system

▪️ Made in Germany

▪️ almost 100% pure water

▪️ 4 different water temperatures (room temperature, for baby food, for tea, boiled)

▪️ frees water from pollutants and chemicals, viruses, bacteria, pesticides and residues of drugs, herbicides, nitrates, hormones, asbestos, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, zinc, lime

✔️ HEALTHY LIFE - clean drinking water from this filter is essential for our health, performance and satisfaction. According to scientists, modern tap water is no longer of the quality that would be useful for us. Therefore, we have developed a reverse osmosis system that allows you to enjoy fresh and clean water!

✔️ ENJOY - Wide range of uses, ease of use and money saving. Whether traveling, driving, camping, in a mobile home, in an apartment's kitchen, office or restaurant - water boxes are a thing of the past. Enjoy perfect water immediately at 25, 65, 85 or 100 ° C!

✔️ MORE THAN CLEANED - delicious and mineralized. The subsequent mineralization of the purified water is very important, since it is lost in almost all reverse osmosis systems. Therefore, Aqua Balance II has a built-in power supply. For many of us, pleasure is a quality of life that is familiar to all tea or coffee lovers. The exact temperature and quality of the water has a huge impact on the taste!

✔️ WORK GUARANTEE - support and assembly in Germany. We have selected the best manufacturers of individual components around the world. The components are tested and assembled by us in Paderborn, which guarantees excellent quality. Support is provided directly from Germany!

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November 1, 2021, 09:22 PM
Wir haben das Gerät erworben, weil es uns, mit seiner Funktionalität und Ausstattung sehr gefallen hat. Aus langjähriger Erfahrung mit anderen Filtersystemen, hat dieser besondere Seiten, sowohl warmes Wasser, was besonders bequem für die Babynahrung vorbereitug geignet ist, heißes Wasser für den Kaffee und Tee, als auch mineralisierung gleichzeitig Aufbereitet. Uns ist sehr wichtig, daß das Gerät, wenig Abwasser über lässt und das Wasser sauber aufbereitet wird. Das alles erfüllt dieses Gerät voll und vetraungswürdig.
July 27, 2021, 11:50 AM
Ein wunderbares Produkt! Unsere ganze Familie benutzt es.
5 / 5
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