How to participate in the marathon?

  1. Join to the marathon chat in Telegram.
  2. Text to the chat admin your order ID of a selected product of on of the participating brands that you want to review
  3. Write a text review in the chat, attach photo and video and tag #newreview, so admins can see in and check it.
  4. You must attach your photo or selfie with a product. Text must include product name, date when you started using it and results of use.
  5. You can also share a video review describing results, impressions of use.Max video length — 3 min.
  6. Share your review with photo and video in social networks and tag #otonmarket #bestresultotonmarket . Send admins a link to your post.

Who can participate in the marathon?

Any partner of OTON ecosystem who bought and used products of OTON marketplace brands, participating in the marathon.

How can you increase your chances?

  • Meet all the marathon requirements to participate.
  • Send honest results and write about your results in detail. The more exciting the result of usage and the more your review is useful, the more your chances to be selected by the jury.
  • Make quality photos and videos, get creative when making a review.
  • You can share several results for different products, but you must meet all the requirements for each one.