ParkeS is a compact device for frequency resonance biotherapy. PROMO!
This small gadget is the result of 20 years of research by a group of Russian scientists under the leadership of a doctor of medicine, Professor Igor Pavlusenko.
About ParkeS
Translation of the etalon of "healthy" vibrations to target affected organs into the body leads to a faster and physiologically correct restoration of health.
ParkeS is the quintessence of the 20 years of group work experience by a group of talented scientists led by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Pavlusenko Igor Ivanovich. The uniqueness of this device is that through the use of a variety of different programs, the user is given the opportunity to solve almost any health problem. The functionality of the device allows you to use it for individual use of five people. This means that all family members, in turn, can receive a therapeutic effect, each to solve their problems.

Bundled with the device, you get a comprehensive functional diagnosis of the body. Based on the diagnostic results, an individual program set for ParkeS is formed. You will receive detailed information on the diagnosis results and expert advice in the form of a carefully selected individual set of recovery programs. All information is provided in video format and duplicated in text.

With the help of obtained hai, there is always an opportunity to re-diagnose. Analyze past changes during the treatment period. Make corrections to the individual program.

Device specs
List of programs
Device contains 923 programs
Number 923 contains 159 antiparasitic programs. Programs are formed in 58 sets by the most common pathologies and emergency situations.

ParkeS enables contactless (via infrared LEDs) and contact (via an external electrode) affects on the body, drinking water and food.
Toxic loads, Lymph, Blood Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Digestive system, Genitourinary system, Nervous system, Musculoskeletal system, Endocrine system, Immune system, Cosmetology, Autoimmune reactions, Drainage tubes, Enzymes, Autotraining, Pain, Skin, Threshold immune antiparasitic protection of cells of the body and the body as a whole, Medical complexes
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