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Not a drug product
Biocomposite for restoration and strengthening of immunity.
Protects against viruses, bacteria and fungi
Increases Strength and Stamina
Restores metabolism
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I have started to drink" Immuno "and I just can not believe that the disease is gone!
For the last two weeks I have been frozen badly outside for 5 times and didn’t catch a fever.
The strength of the ingredients of this product really inspires me!

Recommended for reduced immunity, stress and strain

For what symptoms it is recommended to take Impulse
Colds and viral diseases
Pneumonia, skin infections, purulent otitis and sinusitis
Metabolic disease
Excess weight. High cholesterol and blood sugar
Chronic fatigue
Stress, sleep disturbances, asthenia, depression, emotional stress
Chronic inflammation
Bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis
Autoimmune diseases
Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Vitiligo

No analogues

Immuno components are converted to a water-soluble form by mechanochemical activation of raw materials. It provides 90 percent intestinal absorption and no side effects
Restores, not stimulates
Unlike immunostimulants, which accelerate the death of immunocompetent cells, Immuno increases the level of lymphocytes. Thanks to this, inflammation is safely removed and immunity improves.
"Immuno" restores the cells of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tree and the functions of the epithelium, which helps to release the bronchi from the mucus in chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. Contains valuable building material for cell renewal, which is especially important for the liver, mucous membranes, lymphoid tissue, and red bone marrow
You are full of strength again
Helps to restore strength after prolonged physical and intellectual stress. Eliminates the syndrome of chronic fatigue and asthenia due to the normalization of the activity of cells of the nervous system. Recommended for children, adolescents, professional athletes and everyone who leads an active lifestyle
Effective with regular use
With regular use, the functions of the liver, spleen, and intestines are restored. The level of cholesterol and sugar is normalized. The state of the vessels improves and the natural elimination of toxins is provided.
Impulse is a natural and safe product
DNA from salmon's milk
The main source of nucleic acids.
Arabino galactan
Targeted delivers DNA to body cells. Therefore, even a small amount of biocomposite gives a tangible effect. This is the main difference between the Immuno biocomposite and other products with nucleic acids.
1 sachet in useful properties is 5 litres of fish oil
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L-Glutamine and Folic Acid
Contributes to the healing of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines with ulcers, gastritis, hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Folic acid is essential for the prevention of nervous disorders.

Development of scientists from the Novosibirsk academic city and the science city of Koltsovo

The biocomposite is produced by the Russian company Biocom. The product has no analogues in the Russian market.
Learn more about the manufacturer.
Proven Quality
The quality and safety management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP.
75 years of research
Biocomposites are created using the technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has been engaged in fundamental science and research in this field for 75 years.

Suitable for children and adults

Full composition
Salmon fish milk DNA - low molecular weight deoxyribonucleic acid, arabinogalactan (obtained from larch), L-glutamine, folic acid (vitamin B9).
Individual intolerance to the components. Pregnancy and lactation.

Reviews confirm efficiency

I finally live without painkillers!
I had serious female diseases, I had surgery. I have multiple cysts of different sizes. Without painkillers I couldn’t even get out of bed,especially when I had a period, I felt like I was dying, everything was in pain, my lower was falling off. Doctors prescribed hormones and waited to do the next operation or not. I purchased BIOCOM for her, Calcium, Curcumin and Immuno. I took it for 2 months, at my next appointment with a gynecologist, my doctor’s was very surprised: the picture improved, the cysts decreased. I finally live without painkillers, there was still pain during the menstrual period, but overall I am very pleased.


DNA of salmon fish milk - low molecular weight deoxyribonucleic acid, arabinogalactan, L-glutamine, folic acid (vitamin B9)


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For adults only. Before use during pregnancy, lactation, taking medication or in the presence of any disease, you should consult your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

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