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30 sachets
enough for 30 days
10 mg
silicon is required per person per day. Calcium & Si completely covers this need
Calcium & Si
12 Feedbacks
Not a drug product
Silicon-based biocomposite that prolongs youth.
Improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails
Reduces the risk of tumor formation
Strengthens blood vessels, bones and connective tissue
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I read a lot of good reviews on “Calcium & Si ” on Instagram. My friend tried it and she really liked it. I decided to order, got it with promotion, I was very pleased. I completed the course and noticed measurable changes: my nails became healthy (used to break constantly), my hair began to grow very fast, became soft and silky. Lightness and comfort in the body. Thanks a lot to this company for this product.

Recommended for metabolic disorders, injuries, joint problems

Dull skin
Immunity boost
Normalize metabolism
Support of cardiovascular system
Reproductive health
Emotional harmony

For health, youth and beauty

Prevents Aging
The product strengthens the walls of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract, ligaments and tendons. Promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the body, supports the density and elasticity of the skin. Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
Improves well-being
The drink increases the body's resistance to disease, speeds up metabolism, normalizes the thyroid gland, increases the chances of conception. Effective against parasites. Prevents the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease.
Quick recovery
Calcium & Si promotes jointing of fractures, stimulates bone growth. Heals wounds and burns. Effective in osteoporosis.
Nothing similar can be found
Calcium & Si was created using a unique mechanochemical technology. The product is based on a water-soluble chelate of silicon and calcium, which is absorbed by the body by 90%. Know-how certificate No. 5 of 04/01/2016
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Calcium & Si is a 100% Water-Soluble Flint
Rice husk
Source of Organic Silicon and Vitamin D3. Silicon enhances the action of calcium. Calcium is absorbed by the body only in the presence of silicon.
Calcium carbonate
The main building material for bones and teeth.
Green tea
Removes toxins, helps normalize metabolism.

Development of scientists from the Novosibirsk academic city and the science city of Koltsovo

The biocomposite is produced by the Russian company Biocom. The product has no analogues in the Russian market.
Learn more about the manufacturer.
Proven Quality
The quality and safety management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP.
75 years of research
Biocomposites are created using the technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has been engaged in fundamental science and research in this field for 75 years.

Calcium & Si is suitable for children and adults

Individual intolerance to components, pregnancy, breast-feeding

Reviews confirm efficiency

Tatyana Romantsova
The child has had dermatitis!
The child has had dermatitis! A bruise appeared under my kid’s eye because of the disease, which turned into a bright red flaky and itchy spot on almost the entire cheek. The girl is 17 years old, she was embarrassed to go out. The first dose of product was yesterday at night according to the recommended schedule, today by the evening the spot had decreased by 2 times, redness on the cheek had subsided and there was almost no lilac-red “bruise” under the eye. THANKS TO THE MANUFACTURERS AND EVERYONE WHO HELPED TO CHOOSE THE SCHEME OF TREATMENT, OPERATIVE DELIVERY AND EVERYONE WHO WAS PARTICIPATED IN THIS PROCESS!!!!!
I finally live without painkillers!
I had serious female diseases, I had surgery. I have multiple cysts of different sizes. Without painkillers I couldn’t even get out of bed,especially when I had a period, I felt like I was dying, everything was in pain, my lower was falling off. Doctors prescribed hormones and waited to do the next operation or not. I purchased BIOCOM for her, Calcium, Curcumin and Immuno. I took it for 2 months, at my next appointment with a gynecologist, my doctor’s was very surprised: the picture improved, the cysts decreased. I finally live without painkillers, there was still pain during the menstrual period, but overall I am very pleased.
Joint pain is gone!
My partner, who had lived with me in the same room, suffered from aching bones and joints of the thumbs. After taking calcium, in the evening, she was surprised to say that the pain was gone. She could not believe it. Calcium BIOCOM gave a result in a short time. She is delighted and is about to purchase with pleasure. Thanks BIOCOM!


Rice husk, green tea, calcium carbonate.


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For adults only. Before use during pregnancy, lactation, taking medication or in the presence of any disease, you should consult your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

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